Fairvue Farms in Woodstock CTa family dairy in Woodstock CT:  Fairvue Farms

Fairvue Farms is located next to the historic Woodstock Fairgrounds in Woodstock, CT. In the past 50 years, we have expanded our herd from 40 cows to more than 1200 Holstein milking cows. The location in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner suits Fairvue’s cows just fine.

At Fairvue Farms, we believe healthy cows are happy cows, and will produce quality milk. That's why:

  • Fairvue Farms in Woodstock CTOur cows live in an airy barn with open, screened sides and 96 fans to maximize cooling in hot weather.
  • They lounge in their barn stalls and go out on pasture for a few months each year to rest.
  • Our high producing cows are milked three times a day, like a mother would nurse her newborn calf, which also makes them healthier and more comfortable.
  • Baby calves are raised in individual “hutches” in a group setting, out in the fresh air. They are hand fed.

In the “milking parlor” 40 cows at a time can be milked in separate stalls. There is a visitor observation area where school groups and others can watch the milking process.

We have expanded our cropland acreage in recent years and farm more than 1600 acres, most of which is leased from other property owners in the area. Our family believes we need to be good stewards of the land, observing careful practices in conservation and wildlife management on the farm. Fairvue Farm hosts guided tours of our farm as part of Celebrating Agriculture, held at the Woodstock Fairgrounds each September. 

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for dairy cows. Looking to purchase, lease, contract, or rent Eastern Connecticut land.
We will take care of your property as if it were ours! Highest prices paid.
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Proud members of The Farmer's Cow

Proud members of
The Farmer's Cow

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