From Boston, Hartford or Providence. Also see MAP.

From the Boston Area:

(Travel time is approximately 90 minutes)

Take The Massachusetts Turnpike West to exit 10.  Take exit 10 and follow the signs to Interstate 395 South.  Stay on 395 South to exit 99, Thompson.  Go left off the exit and go the first intersection with a blinking light.  Turn right at the intersection onto 193 going toward Putnam.  Follow 193 to the first set of lights.  Go straight through the intersection, crossing route 12, then go over a railroad track and across the West Thompson Dam.  Stay on 193 for another 2 miles until you come to the 1st stop sign.  Go right at the stop sign onto 171 West.  Fairvue Farms is on the right hand side of the road, a little more than a mile from the stop sign.

From the Hartford Area:

(Travel time is approximately 60 minutes)

Take Interstate 84 East to Exit 69 (Willington). Follow Route 74 to Route 44 East, and then go to 169 North. Near the Woodstock Fairgrounds, take 171 East, and Fairvue Farms will be immediately on your left.

From the Providence Area:

(Travel time is approximately 60 minutes)

Follow US Route 44 West all the way to Putnam, CT, passing the intersection with Interstate 395 in Putnam, and continuing until coming to a set of traffic lights at the intersection of Route 44 and 171.  Turn right onto 171 West.  Stay on 171, going straight through three more sets of traffic lights.  Fairvue Farms is on the right-hand side of the road, approximately 2 miles from the last set of lights.


Follow U.S. Route 6 West all the way to Brooklyn, CT, passing under Interstate 395 in Danielson, CT approximately five miles before coming to a set of traffic lights at the intersection of Route 6 and 169 in Brooklyn.  Turn right onto 169 North, and follow it to a set of traffic lights. Go straight through the lights (crossing Route 101 in Pomfret, CT) and continue on 169 until coming to a stop sign.  Turn right onto Route 171 East.  Fairvue Farms is immediately on the left.

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